Ikebana, Scenic flower arrangement, mulberry wood
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Keika-Kazan School

2021 Holiday Arrangements

Last year Keika-Kazan students celebrated the holiday season with our Scenic Ikebana, creating arrangements inspired by the winter season

Happy Holidays!

Keika-Kazan students celebrated the holiday season by incorporating the festive season into their arrangements 

Annette Ernst

Diane Burges

Evelyn Klum

Judy Sheldon

Kumiko Suzuki

Libby Haynes

MinhChau Truong

Sarah Claydon

Travis Williamson

Lijuan Zhao

Sienna Caldwell (11 years old)

Alexa Caldwell (7 years old)

Yasuko Ogashiwa

Mary Elkins

Diana Bennett

Jane Kathryn Gray

Noriko Burke

 Keiko Wickboldt

MinhChau Truong

Strolling by the pond Frosty branches look upon

Cold rocks and beyond White snow falling down

Cold water running around The pond, icy now


Happy New Year!

Keika-Kazan Students reigned in the new year with arrangements that represent wintry landscapes and new beginnings 

Keiko Sakamoto

Akemi Sato

Yoko Yoshida

Mieko Kusunoki

Hisako Handa

Mitsue Bando

Noriko Kondo